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Share This Paper. Citations Publications citing this paper. Drawing encounters : a practice-led investigation into collaborative drawing as a means of revealing tacit elements of one-to-one social encounter Angela Susan Rogers. The Maltese gift : tourist encounters with the self and the other in later life Marie Avellino.

Richard Ward , Phil Colman. The role of the orthodox grounded theory methodology in establishing universal behavioural patterns in comparative cross-national research Foster Fei , Glenn Hardaker. It's fun. It's also embarrassing.

Fox brings enough wit and insight to her portrayal of the tribe to raise many a smile of recognition. She has a talent for observation, bringing a sharp and humorous eye and ear to everyday conventions, from the choreography of the English queue to the curious etiquette of weather talk.

Every aspect of English conversation and behaviour is put under the microscope. Watching the English is a thorough study which is interesting and amusing.

How embarrassing, we're English

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Iam sitting in a pub near Paddington station, clutching a small brandy. It's only about half past eleven in the morning - a bit early for drinking, but the alcohol is part reward, part Dutch courage. Reward because I have just spent an exhausting morning accidentally-on-purpose bumping into people and counting the number who said 'Sorry'; Dutch courage because I am now about to return to the train station and spend a few hours committing a deadly sin: queue jumping. I really, really do not want to do this.

Watching the English the Hidden Rules of English Behaviour. Kate Fox -

I want to adopt my usual method of getting an unsuspecting research assistant to break sacred social rules while I watch the result from a safe distance. But this time, I have bravely decided that I must be my own guinea pig. I don't feel brave. I feel scared.

Автор Фокс Кейт

An international bestseller, Watching the English is both an incisive and hilarious look at the English and their society. Her work involves monitoring and assessing global sociocultural trends, and has included research, publications, and broadcasts on many aspects of human behavior.

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