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Part 1, which you can read here, contained some tips for maintenance on a manufactured home. Making sure your home is level and clearing debris from your roof is of the utmost importance. The roof is something most people don't think about until there is a major problem. Here are some more tips for maintenance on a shingled roof and other general tips for your manufactured home. Coat Your Shingles Now that all the debris has been cleared from your roof, you should think about protecting your shingles from any future damage.

The best option is to apply a high-quality roof-coating to your asphalt shingles. This could help reduce your roof's peak energy demand, keep moisture out and prolong the life of your roof. Again, clean your roof before applying any coating.

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The coating can be applied with a roller or a sprayer. When the first layer is complete, give it ample time to dry before applying a second coat. This second coat should help keep the shingles from cracking, curling or leaking. It can also seal any small holes or cracks. Finally, another thing that can help protect your roof is to keep your gutters clean. Gutters help direct runoff water away from your home and protect your roof from water damage. If your gutters are not regularly cleaned and leaves and other debris is allowed to build up in your gutters, water may not be able to drain off your roof which could cause water damage to your roof and other parts of your house.

Skirting The skirting of your manufactured home has several benefits. The skirting acts as an insulator for your home. It also protects your home from animals and pests. Your skirting should be secure so animals can't get in but have enough venting to that humidity doesn't damage the home or allow for mold. The skirting on your manufactured home should be checked periodically to make sure it is providing the protection mentioned above.

Skirting also adds curb appeal, which adds value to any home. Takeaway Every home requires regular maintenance. Manufactured homes are no different.

You want your home to be shelter for you and your family. By performing routine maintenance and inspections, you can discover issues before they become a problem. Don't be caught off guard by an issue that could have been resolved if you had seen it in a quick inspection of your home. Every home requires regular maintenance. The following manufactured home maintenance tips can help you keep your home beautiful and healthy. Level It Out One of the most important tips is to make sure your manufactured home is level. This should be done every 12 months. Just like any other structure, a manufactured home can settle over time.

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If your home is not level, it adds stress to the home. But don't let it get this far. If you inspect your home every year to make sure it is level, you should avoid these problems. A water level works best for this inspection. If the home only needs to be adjusted an inch or two, you might can handle this yourself if you have access to some jacks. If it's more than a couple inches, you should contact a professional.

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The Roof Many people do not think about roof maintenance until it's too late. Don't wait for a leak to check things out on top. A little time and effort on a regular schedule can prevent major problems with your roof and be cost-effective at the same time.

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Whether you have a metal roof or shingles, there are some things to do to care for your main source of shelter. If your manufactured home has a metal roof, the best maintenance is to keep it clean.

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Although trees can provide shade to keep your house cooler, they can bombard your roof with leaves and branches. If left untouched, all this can cause grime to build up along your rooftop's joints and edges. If the grime gets bad enough, it can separate the seams which can lead to leaks and mold. Be sure to clean off debris and clean your metal roof with a long-handled brush when needed.

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More of the newer manufactured homes have shingled roofs. Just like with metal roofs, a buildup of debris can give you nightmares. When debris is left untouched on a shingled roof, it can create "dams. This trapped water can go underneath the shingles and cause leaks which lead to water damage in your roof and possibly the rest of your home.

Again, cleaning off debris before it can cause damage is the key. Takeaway Maintenance on your manufactured home is very important and I'll continue with more maintenance tips, especially for your roof, in part 2. A History of Manufactured Homes. Manufactured homes have been around for a long time. The concept started back in the s.

People began using "trailer coaches" for shelter instead of using tents when they arrived at the camp ground. These "trailer coaches" were more convenient than tents. There was no setup and teardown, which was very appealing to camping enthusiasts. Jobs were somewhat scarce also. The manufactured home industry was their salvation. Mobile homes were large enough for an entire family and still mobile if the need arose to relocate for a better job.

In the s, people started putting mobile homes on permanent foundations so they could stay in locations for longer periods of time. As the demand for more manufactured homes grew, Americans also wanted larger homes with bigger and fancier appliances and conveniences. The homes went from feet wide to feet wide. In the s, many experimental sizes and shapes were experimented with and sold.

The were two-story manufactured homes with different pop-outs and whirlpool jacuzzis. During this time, there was no national regulations for manufactured home safety construction. Get in touch with some remodeling your kitchen help. Regardless of how handy you may be, plumbing, electrical and construction issues are likely to sneak in. If you cannot manage to hire experts for the whole project, a minimum of splurge in it throughout the kitchen remodel design phase.

The cash it will save you in the start is to bite you within the lengthy haul if you need to covering out more income to exchange or fix the shoddy work. Help make your remodeling your kitchen investments sensible ones. Kitchen floors and cabinets are perfect remodeling your kitchen splurges.

Insufficient lighting, actually, could be the rationale behind your kitchen area remodeling desires. In this point in time, when change is moving at go forward pace, that space-age design you like today might be an eyesore a couple of years from now. When remodeling your kitchen area, attempt to steer obvious of built-in components which may be impossible to exchange having a same size fixture. Return to remodeling your kitchen basics.

You need to bear in mind that functionality reigns over form.