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Really looking forward to reading this book. Would also like to know more about growing herbs all year long in our home. This book looks wonderful and I would love to win a copy! Do you have any suggestions for getting rid of wire worms in the soil without using chemicals? I try to do everything organically and I love potatoes but can not grow them here because of these awful worms.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Are chickens an option? Stone or concrete blocks are the most durable and least likely to leech. In the book, they simply use a specific type of tiller to mound the soil without any structure to hold it. Cedar is good and rot resistant, but pricey. Looks like a Book worth reading!!! Would appreciate winning a copy. How can I plant different varieties of tomatoes, corns, melons, squash, pumpkins, ect.

I would appreciate maintaining and producing seed true to each variety. I live in a area with a zone 13 designation, without any limitation due to frost. Is there any guild to what can and cannot be grown in land in this zone? My best advice is to talk to neighbors who have gardened successfully in your area. Some things just are not likely to grow well, others will likely thrive. As for avoiding cross pollination, it comes down to isolation. Corn will cross pollinate over miles, tomatoes tend to be self fertile. This can be tough in a home garden. As a lifelong gardener with access to my own land only in retirement, coupled with a need to supplement my retirement income, I have been looking for just such a book.

It will be a great addition to my micro-farming library. I hope the authors address the issue of stony ground, since my land consists of 2 acres of it;-. Gardening becomes more difficult with age and health issues, so being more efficient is more important than ever.

Some tips would be great. With all the critters I have that eat all my kitchen scraps, how do I make compost.

My garden needs it, but my compost bin is now empty. I am so excited to read this book. Imagine living off of 2 acres of land AND making a profit.

The Market Gardener Success Strategy

This is my dream!! As someone from the country and moved to a city, I am so looking forward to this book. I am excited to read this book! Like said before, I have a lot of questions and I guess the biggest one would how to get started without getting overwhelmed. We have a lot of clay in our soil. We have been considering adding our veggie scraps directly to the garden.

The Market Gardener | New Society Publishers

Any experience with this? I tried it for a while at our last place, until the skunks or racoons not sure if it was one or both, since both were in the area came in and started digging holes in my garden to dig them up. Excellent book by a man who has transformed his farm in southwest Wisconsin to a sustainable polyculture. What an inspiring book!

The Market Gardener

Wonder how I can get my husband onboard with expanding beyond our little backyard veggie and herb patch to the whole yard! I was just wondering if there is any manure you can add directly to your garden without aging it first? I am constantly looking for ways to improve my own gardening techniques to supplement my own diet and friends.

Or if you only harvest when each plant is ready, and whatever you get, you get?

I hope this makes sense! It depends on the length of your growing season and what you are trying to grow. I am in zone 5, so I do the bulk of my planting in spring to give crops time to mature, but I do plant a few things later for fall crops, such as some greens and root vegetables. Seeds are started inside for transplanting weeks before last frost, based on recommendations on the seed packets and personal experience. Looks like a great and very informative book! As a side note, was born and raised in Wisconsin and folks currently live in Wausau.

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The Market Gardener: A Successful Grower's Handbook for Small-Scale Organic Farming

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