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Each ends with a kind of orgasm, containing all that came before yet unimaginably surpassing it. But, you know what I think it is that makes The Chester Chronicles so powerful? This book is the flow of love. Deep, overpowering, obsessive, respectful, undying love. And you can't read it without feeling that same love. This man loves his mother, so much that it hurts. He loves his father even when he's embarrassed or ashamed of him.

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He loves girls, loves them even more when they become women or at least just as much. Their beauty brings him to his knees, and their faithlessness only fans the flames of his devotion. One admirer on the back cover laments that Moyer needs to be discovered. That would be nice.

The Chester Chronicles

But, know what? He's fine just the way he is. He's there. Nowhere else to go. And so are these stories. January 7, - Published on Amazon.

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This is a gorgeously written book--a series of short stories that, considered in sequence, constitute an unforgettable portrait of Chester, the narrator. Chester's voice is perfect: intimate, knowing, honest, and perceptive in a way that astonishes the reader on nearly every page. I love my Amazon Kindle--but there's BIG problem, which I discovered reading The Chester Chronicles: I started the novel mid-flight on my way to Chicago and had to turn off the device on our approach to the airport just as the erotic tension was building in one of the storiesChester's little experiment with his kissing cousin.

So there I am debating, should I continue reading on my now banned Kindle to discover what happened next or jeopardize the safe landing of the plane. I slowed way down on approaching the end of this novel because I didn't want to part company with the narrator. Now that I'm done, I sometimes wonder what I'm missing as I walk down a street because I know if Chester were alongside me he'd see so much more.

It's as if he possessed a sixth and seventh sense--his reading of situations and personalities is that keen. I sincerely hope there's more Chester to come. To achieve this, Chester-le-Street Heritage Group have undertaken the purchase of professional photography equipment and three Members of the Group pledged to attend the Resource Centre's photography studio once every week to carry out this task which is expected to take almost two years to complete.

The process required digitally photographing in high resolution each and every page, converting these to more usable formats which will be suitable for transferring to compact discs, compiling an index of all pages and making these available to the general public. The information contained in these newspapers will be of great interest to all those who are researching local history or their family trees.

The Chester Chronicles

The editions produced around the time of the First World War — where lists of names and even photographs of service men and those who died during that period have been meticulously recorded, will be of particular interest. Overnight lane closures in Chester city centre to allow council to complete cleansing work. Chester plastic surgeon's vegan green tea cream set to revolutionise the treatment of wounds and scars.

The Chester Chronicles: Leonardo da Chester

Bare-chested man with 'super strength' went on cocaine-fuelled window-smashing rampage in Blacon 1. Woman who threw Fixed Penalty Notice on the ground fined for littering. Driving ambitions realised for first-class Chester graduate Austen.

The Chester Chronicles by Kermit Moyer

Fundraiser to pull 50kg cart miles from Chester in aid of animal charity. Man to appear in court after Blacon window-smashing and blood-smearing incidents. What would a bee and a hedgehog have to say? New Chester gallery owners delighted to discover family's historical links to Watergate Row. Cheshire veterans charity awarded grant by housebuilder. Acclaimed musical Cabaret comes to Chester as part of nationwide tour. Cheshire financial firm help father with blood cancer reach his fundraising target. Organists' newspaper article about historic Chester cinema organ to go on display in Australia.