Manual Simulation and modelling of turbulent flows

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k-epsilon Turbulence Model

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Turbulent Flow Simulations in Theory and Practice – Short Course at TU Dresden

Fluid Mech. Fluid Dyn.

ANSYS FLUENT User's Guide - Modeling Turbulence

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Turbulent Flow Modelling and Simulation

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  • Proceedings of a Workshop Held at INRIA, Sophia-Antipolis, France, December 10–14,1984!

In: IBM ed. Dejoan, A. Heat Fluid Flow 23 , — CrossRef. Subgrid models are therefore used for production of turbulence from geometry not fully resolved on the grid.

Results from LDA measurements around obstructions in steady and transient turbulent flows have been analysed and the turbulence models have been improved to handle transient, subgrid and reactive flows. The combustion is modelled with a burning velocity model, and a flame model which incorporates the burning velocity into the code. Two different flame models have been developed. The flame normally starts with a quasi laminar burning velocity, due to flame instabilities, modelled as function of flame radius and laminar burning velocity. As the flow field becomes turbulent, the flame uses a turbulent burning velocity model, based on experimental data presented by Bradley, as function of turbulence parameters and laminar burning velocity.

The extrapolation of these data is evaluated. The laminar burning velocity is modelled as function of gas mixture, equivalence ratio, pressure and temperature in reactant. In simulation of these experiments a range of parameters have been varied, as gas mixture, congestion, obstructions, confinement, scale and grid resolution. Publisher Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet. Series Dr. Search this Collection.