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Rules of Thumb in Engineering Practice

Edward Pope. Summary Save time with this collection of straightforward, common-sense techniques that provide quick, accurate solutions to your engineering problems. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Start your free 30 days. Page 1 of 1. Close Dialog Are you sure? However, there must be enough overlap so that at least one row of tubes is supported by adjacent segments.

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Bufle pitch is defined as the longitudinal spacing between baffles. The maximum baffle pitch is a function of tube size 40 Rules of Thumb for Mechanical Engineers and, for no change of phase flow, of shell diameter. If there is no change of phase in the shell-side fluid, the baf- fle pitch should not exceed the shell inside diameter.

Other- wise, the fluid would tend to flow parallel with the tubes, rather than perpendicular to them, resulting in a poorer heat transfer coefficient.

Impingement bafles are requjred on shell-side inlet noz- zles to protect the bundle against impingement by the in- coming fluid when the fluid 1. Impingement baffles can be either flat or curved. In order to maintain a maximum tube count, the impingement plate is sometimes located in a conical nozzle opening or in a dome cap above the shell. The impingement plate material should be at least as good as that of the tubes.

Standards of Tubular Manufactiners Association, 7th Ed, 2. The following notes summarize design features of shells for shell-and-tube heat exchangers. The single-pass shell is the most common shell con- struction used. The shell-side inlet and outlet nozzles are located at opposite ends of the shell.

The nozzles can be placed on opposite or adjacent sides of the shell, depend- ing on the number and type of baffles used. A two-pass shell uses a longitudinal baffle to direct the shell-side flow. An exchanger with two shell passes is shown in Figure 23 [B]. Note that both the shell inlet and outlet nozzles are adjacent to the stationary tube sheets. Theory is discussed only when necessary and the handbook's logical organization and thorough index enhances its usefulness.

The Handbook of Mechanical Alloy Design provides an extensive overview of the effects of alloy compositional design on expected mechanical properties.

Rules of Thumb for Mechanical Engineers

This reference highlights the design elements that must be considered in risk-based metallurgical design and covers alloy design for a broad range of materials, including the increasingly important powder metal and metal matrix alloys. It discusses the design issues associated with carbon, alloy, and tool steels, microalloyed steels, and more. It discusses the design issues associated with carbon, alloy and tool steels Ni-based alloys Gives a foundation to the four principle facets of thermal design: heat transfer analysis, materials performance, heating and cooling technology, and instrumentation and control.

The focus is on providing practical thermal design and development guidance across the spectrum of problem analysis, material applications, equipment specification, and sensor and control selection. This book gives a foundation to four principal facets of thermal design: heat transfer analysis, materials performance, heating and cooling technology and instrumentation and control. Professionals in thermal design, heat transfer, and mechanical engineering will find this handbook invaluable.

Considering a broad range of fundamental factors and conditions influencing the optimal design and operation of machinery, the Handbook of Machinery Dynamics emphasizes the force and motion analysis of machine components in multiple applications. Containing details on basic theories and particular problems.


And more The nine appendices present discussions and proofs, and the generalized properties of liquids and gas. In ten sections this book describes the principles and technology of Micro Mechanical Systems. It covers the areas of photolithographic microfabrication, basic concepts of planar processing, materials, and processes.

It discusses tribological aspects of microsystems. It covers energy source and power supply methods. Also includes controlling principles and methods of micro mechanical systems and section nine gives examples of microsystems and micromachines. Mechanical Handbooks. Popular Widely Sold Titles. Thumb Rules.

Marks' Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers. By Eugene A. Avallone, Theodore Baumeister and Ali Sadegh. Rules of Thumb for Mechanical Engineers. Edward Pope.

Thumb Rules for Civil Engineers, Site Engineers & Contractors

Shaft Alignment Handbook Third Edition. By John Piotrowski. Vibration and Shock Handbook. By Clarence W. Refractories Handbook. By Charles Schacht.

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Energy Management and Conservation Handbook. By Frank Kreith. By Thomas H. Standard Handbook of Machine Design Hardcover. Maintenance Engineering Handbook Hardcover. By Lindley R. Higgins, Keith Mobley and R. Keith Mobley. Pump Handbook Hardcover. By Igor J.

Rules of Thumb for Mechanical Engineers

Karassik, Joseph P. Messina, Paul Cooper and Charles C. Handbook of Die Design Hardcover.

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By Ivana Suchy. By Yildirim Hurmuzlu and Osita D. Valve Handbook.