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In addition, you will learn how to prepare for a pre-dub or temp mix to group and sub-mix tracks into stems for the final dub , create the final dub, and prepare the mix for foreign distribution and final delivery. By learning the tools and strategies used by working professionals, you will have an advantage to participate effectively in this fast-paced environment, as well as applying these skills to independent projects. Making music for the movies is a complicated, involved, and challenging process. Through an overview of the music editing process, this book will equip you with detailed techniques to solve musical problems encountered during editing.

An abundance of interviews with well-known professionals provide a wide range of perspectives on music editing for film, while special features address an array of projects, from a low-budget documentary, to a Hollywood blockbuster, to indie projects. The book covers topics such as microphone selection, field recorders, the ABCs of digital audio, understanding digital audio workstations, building your own Foley stage, and more. Have you ever wondered exactly why adding noise to a digital recording actually makes it sound better? Do you know what a phase lock loop does, and why it's important?

These questions and dozens more are answered in clear, understandable English in Digital Audio Explained: For the Audio Engineer which is written for all audio engineers at all levels. It is written about topics that have been reserved, until now, for the electronic engineers, circuit designers, mathematicians and academians.

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Nika Aldrich clearly explains issues as seemingly complex as convolution reverbs, Fourier Analysis, noise-shaping and floating point processing for the person who has little exposure to advanced level mathematics. He does this with a linear, methodical approach and the aid of over graphics.

In his conclusion, Nika unearths many of digital audio's little secrets having to do with bit-depth, sample frequency, dither, and emerging technologies such as DSD. With the knowledge gained from this book, engineers from the novice to the advanced will make better decisions and get better sounding results from their studios. From the author's first glimpse of a magical recording studio in the mids up through a busy career that continues to the present day, this rollicking story can only be told by those that were there.

But more than a recollection of participating in some of the most treasured music of the past 40 years, Are We Still Rolling? It's also a cautionary tale, where long workdays and what once seemed like harmless indulgences become health risks, yet eventually offer a time to reflect back on. Mixing music —the process of combining and shaping the component parts of a song into a polished, completed recording —was once considered an unteachable art.

The book has since become the go-to text on mixing for recording programs in colleges and universities around the world. Topics covered include:.

The six elements of a mix, from achieving balance to creating interest. Easy-to-grasp methods for adding effects, sonic layering, calculating delay times, and much more.

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They haven't got a recording contract, and I wonder if you'd like to see him and listen to what he's got? Ask him to come and see me. His name's Brian Epstein In this witty and charming autobiography, he describes exactly what it was like to work in the studio with the Beatles, from the first audition and his decision to scrap Pete Best on drums to the wild experimentation of Sgt. Pepper complete with sound effects, animal noises and full orchestras in evening dress at the direct request of Paul McCartney. This is a singular look at the most important musical group of all time, and how they made the music that changed the world: No other book can provide George Martin's inside look at their creative process, at the play of genius and practical improvisation that gave them their sound; it is an indispensable read for Beatles lovers and anyone interested in the music world.

Using straight-forward language and practical examples, Philip Newell covers the key principles of making a successful studio construction.

Home Recording for Musicians For Dummies

In this third edition of Recording Studio Design , he gives you the skills you need to avoid disaster and create an efficient and effective acoustical environment to record and produce the fineset audio. Learn from Newell's years of experience as he provides great detail on the practical recording application in various acoustic environments, and explores complex issues, providing real-world solutions. This new edition expands and develops on the topics from the previous editions, updating it for the digital age, so you have all the current information you need to build, adapt or update your recording studio.

Intended for recording professionals, this guide to the design of state of the art recording facilities provides detailed technical instruction on the creation and optimization of all facets of the modern studio.

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Beginning with a discussion of general acoustics and sound principles, the work covers topics such as neutral room design, variable acoustics, control rooms, studio monitoring, power conditions and main supplies, and analogue audio interfacing. Jeff has spoken at dozens of professional conferences and has been called upon as an expert on music and sound healing, appearing on numerous radio programs and in two documentaries.

Jeff is a sought-after drum clinician focusing on world rhythm techniques and is the author of eight books. You can find out more about Jeff at www. Show More Read an Excerpt Click to read or download. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Show More. Read an Excerpt Click to read or download. Table of Contents Introduction. Part I: Setting a Solid Foundation. Chapter 1: Drum Basics.

Chapter 3: Tapping into Drumming Techniques.

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Part II: Digging into the Drumset. Chapter 5: Settling In Behind the Drumset. Chapter 6: Rolling into Rock Drumming. Chapter 7: Beating the Blues. Chapter 9: Swinging into Jazz. Chapter Looking at Latin and Caribbean Styles. Chapter Ratcheting up Your Rock Drumming. Chapter Getting Into the Groove.

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Review This Product. Welcome to Loot. Checkout Your Cart Price. Description Details Customer Reviews Tune in to this fun and friendly guide and get great sounds If you're ready to record your own musical masterpiece, then you need this fun and friendly guide. Reviews the equipment you need to get started and have "plug and record" capabilityBlends tried-and-true recording techniques used in studios with affordable options you can use at homePresents recording advice for working with a mixer, connecting electronic instruments, and choosing the best microphonesWalks you through laying down tracks, working with multitrack recordings, capturing audio, and moreFeatures tips for editing tracks, mixing, mastering, and adding effects Whether you're a beginning musician or a pro, "Home Recording For Musicians For Dummies" teaches you home recording basics so you can begin recording music at home and create great sounds.

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