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Hickory Dickory Dead. Getting Old is Criminal. Die, Die Birdie. The Maggody Militia.

Getting Old is the Best Revenge

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Or so she claims. Some townsfolk believe she killed the girl and made Only one thing stands in the way of success: her clients—or lack of them. After catching the killer who shook her small Hudson River town, former Sunday School teacher Maggie Dove stumbled onto an exciting new career and found a way to take her mind off her own tragic In this song, that's exactly what this half-drunk woman did. She gave him a dressing down that no one will forget. Most spiteful lyrics: "Why don't you kiss, kiss this? And I don't mean on my rosy red lips. Some people can forgive a lover who strays while others never can.

It'll be a cold day in Hell before the man in this song feels sorry for the woman who stepped out on him. The song is reported to be about Britney Spears' betrayal of Justin Timberlake. Cry me a river. Realizing that your love interest is a self-obsessed heiney hole is upsetting. But the important part is what you do about it.

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If you're like Taylor Swift in this song, you seek revenge by threatening to date all of his friends and sicking your daddy on the poor fella. Best revenge lyrics: "So go and tell your friends that I'm obsessive and crazy. That's fine! I'll tell mine you're gay. In dealing with a cheating man, the lady in this song has had enough. She's turning the tables on him with a promise that he is going to get his comeuppance for his cheating, lying and bad behavior.

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Most heart squashing lyrics: "These boots are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do. One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you. The man in this song notices a fine-looking lady in a bar who seems a little out of place. He knows the type: recently been done wrong, wants to settle the score with her ex-boyfriend. He's more than happy to help out. What a guy! Best revenge lyrics: "We can show him what he can't have, if you wanna play that game.

Yeah, baby I can be your payback. In this song, there are veiled threats to a no good lying man who just won't come clean.

The female narrator lets her man know that that the truth always comes out eventually, and when it does there will be hell to pay. Confess your sins or consider yourself warned. Best vindictive lyrics: You better be careful what you do. I wouldn't wanna be in your shoes if they ever found you out. I got friends in this town. When the man in this song has his heart broken by a gold digging gal pal, he pours out his anger and heartache regarding her and her new beau. Most vengeful lyrics: "I pity the fool that falls in love with you oh Oh ssh she's a gold digger. This song is an open letter to John Mayer, Taylor Swift's womanizing ex-boyfriend 12 years her senior.

She claims that he was manipulative and took advantage of her. Her revenge was to shame him through song. Queen B delivers a searing kick in the gonads to her cheating man in this unforgettable hit. She warns him, "You must not know 'bout me," piles all his stuff in a box to the left, to the left, and calls a cab to haul his sorry you-know-what off. Good riddance. Most spiteful lyrics: "I could have another you in a minute, matter of fact he'll be here in a minute, baby. Sometimes the best way to exact revenge is through the bank account. The hot cowboy who shows up to buy the car also gets the husband's Arnold Palmer golf clubs, a little nookie, and complimentary breakfast charged to the husband's credit card.

Ewww, burn! What a fun getting even song Best revenge lyrics: "It was a classic case of a woman scorned. She'll make that man wish he had never been born. The woman in this song has waited at home one too many nights while her cheating man has dipped his wand in another pond then lied about it. She ain't having no more of it. Like any good country woman she's throwing his stuff out on the front lawn or the street, take your pick. If you don't think that stuff really happens, I can tell you it really does. Most vengeful lyrics: "I hate to steal your thunder, but your playing days are through.

At least they are with me cause babe, I got no use for you.

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Turnabout is fair play. That's what the woman in this song has decided after she realizes she's always on the losing end of a man who has claims to be broke, doesn't take her out, runs the streets, and gets a little side action. Most vindictive lyrics: "Tonight you're gonna call me a thousand times. Tonight I'mma make up a thousand lies.

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When the woman in this song caught her man cheating, she didn't cry her pretty little eyes out, she went shopping — with his credit cards. She drained his bank accounts, sold all of his belongings, and ruined his credit by failing to pay his bills on time.