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Functional Programming with Kotlin

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Implementing distributed real-time control systems in a functional programming language Abstract: The design and implementation of large distributed fault-tolerant systems in the telecommunications industry is becoming increasingly complex. Traditionally, telecommunications systems have been equipped with fault-tolerant hardware.

Recent advances with cheap high-speed off-the-shelf CPUs make an approach with fault tolerance implemented in software more attractive. This typically involves different techniques to replicate data over several computers. The actual implementation of such systems has, however, turned out to be a costly business.

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Now you have the package sources. Read carefully the collection file, select some of the SECD machines and go to corresponding subdirectory. Church Princeton University Press The lambda-calculus was a mathematical system which modelled the computational view of functions. There is also a set theoretic view of functions which turns out to be no use for computation - the reason why is left as an exercise for the mathematically gifted. Church had no intention of actually evaluating lambda-calculus expressions on a computer - which is hardly surprising given the date of his work.


Functional Programming Application and Implementation

Nonetheless the lambda-calculus is the computational model of all functional programming languages. A functional programming language is just a lambda-calculus expression written in a different syntax - just as any imperative program is a Von Neumann machine program written in a different syntax. LISP was the world's first functional programming language.

Landin The Computer Journal Vol. The SECD machine is an "abstract machine" i.