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Fzoul Chembryl. Delg Hammerhand. Aballister Bonaduce. Danica Maupoissant. Avery Schell. Lord Oswal. Galan Dracos. Galen Pathwarden.

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  • Related places Krynn. Bloodstone Pass. Xak Tsaroth. Vingaard Keep. Pax Tharkas. Tower of High Sorcery. Icewall Castle. Tyr, Athas. Mount Nevermind.

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    Lac Dinneshire. River Shaengarne. The Abyss. Lost Valley of Hutakka. Kharolis Mountains. Dragonspire Mountains. Temple of Elemental Evil. Mithral Hall. Icewind Dale. Golden Cove. Sword Coast. Maer Dualdon. Brynn Shander. Myth Drannor. Kal Thax. Related events The Bloodstone Wars. Takes place between the years of , the Year of the Bow and , the Year of the Gauntlet. Death of Moander. New York Times bestseller.

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