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Collaboration assumes a horizontal structure of activity. That is, everyone involved is suddenly on the same level. This democratic attitude can be a great thing, yet people sometimes forget the centrality of expertise. You can ask all the people on your Facebook newsfeed how to do a root canal, but you're always going to seek out a professional dentist.

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Don't just solicit the opinion of the masses when you're building your innovation team--find experts in the fields relevant to your initiative. Collaboration offers us a whole new set of opportunities for growth, but it also presents myriad difficulties. So be strategic in the groups you enlist and create. The challenge to achieve equality without uniformity, variety without discord, cooperation without consensus.

Thinking in a group doesn't have to mean groupthink. US Edition U.

3 Easy Ways to Drive Creative Collaboration

News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. Newsletters Coupons. This course will help you:. Video : What is Creative Collaboration? IDEO has decades of experience leaning into creative tensions to develop breakthrough innovations across a variety of industries. Learn how we craft and support the values, structure, and rituals that allow people to step out of their comfort zone and into new territory.

This course can help you improve your team's performance, spur out-of-the-box thinking, and work through ambiguous challenges using a process that harnesses tension and uncertainty to deliver innovative ideas.

Creative Collaboration: Making League of Legends Champions

No matter where you sit on a team, you can guide others to move towards more creative collaboration by embodying and demonstrating the mindsets and actions that are critical to this kind of teamwork. Leading for creative collaboration is less about decision making and more about cultivating the right conditions, structure, and processes to support creative problem-solving. Take this course if you are an emerging or established leader looking to refine your abilities, or an individual contributor looking to guide a group through a collaborative project.

Allowing tension to surface at key moments in the creative process is a good indicator that team members feel comfortable sharing their perspectives. In this sneak peek of the course, learn an exercise to encourage your team to share their opinions, embrace the tension that naturally arises, and build a robust dialogue about the pros and cons of different ideas. In his role, Mike helps oversee IDEO in Japan and greater Asia, leading key client relationships, guiding projects, and mentoring design teams.

Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, teaching public policy, urban planning, and nonprofit management students how to use design thinking to solve complex problems. Advertising Animation Architecture Art. Digital Fashion Film Furniture Design. Graphic Design Illustration Miscellaneous Photography.

3 Easy Ways to Drive Creative Collaboration

If compromise is an art form, so is collaboration. Allow time for solo work Studies also show that our minds are only open to receiving ideas from the subconscious when we are relaxed. Daily Round-Up Weekly Edit. More like this:. We caught up with the photographer to find out more. Later venturing into graphic design and illustration, Ayong talks us through how she balances between these disciplines. For almost 40 years, Drescher was the in-house graphic designer for the Berliner Ensemble theatre in East Germany and the book celebrates his ongoing dedication to type-based design, even in a harsh political climate.

Here, he chats to us about his series Clapton Blossom which documents the inhabitants of one estate in east London. A series of portraits, the work celebrates multiculturalism and the beauty of humanity. Evident throughout his dreamlike portfolio, each piece perfectly blends a mix of found and manipulated imagery with scenes taken from real life. In our absence, here are 12 recent stories about creative projects tackling the crisis. We caught up with him to discuss his influences and why he strives to see and portray the world as one.

Here, she discusses five influential titles from her Bookshelf, and the importance of their materiality. But his work is often both festive and disturbing — the vibrant colours are repeatedly undermined by the sinister scenario within which they exist.

The Advanced Diploma in Leading Creative Collaboration

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