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Top 10 Free Backup software for Linux. Best Kubernetes Study books Modified date: July 5, Install MariaDB Built-in study tools include highlights, study guides, annotations, definitions, flashcards, and collaboration. The publisher of this book allows a portion of the content to be used offline. The publisher of this book allows a portion of the content to be printed. Information here from the standards bodies on this matter is sketchy at best. However, A is now becoming more dominant in the USA as well.

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A straight-through cable is one with both ends using the same standard A or B. A crossover cable is one that has A on one end, and B on the other end. Although these are great to use in the real world, when it comes time to write a vendor exam, make sure you know the full commands, and not just the shortcuts. Lists all commands available in the current command mode c? Router c Lists all the possible choices that start with c clear clock cl?

Router c Shows all subcommands for this command. NOTE: Setup mode cannot be used to configure an entire router. It does only the basics. You can assign an IP address to an interface, but not a subinterface. All in all, setup mode is very limiting. Entering setup mode is not a recommended practice. Instead, you should use the command-line interface CLI , which is more powerful: Would you like to enter the initial configuration dialog? If you say yes, you will have to wait for a few minutes while it looks for a configuration to load. Very frustrating. Say no. Be careful when you set the size to something larger than the default.

By telling the router to keep the last commands in a buffer, you are taking memory away from other parts of the router.

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What would you rather have: a router that remembers what you last typed in, or a router that routes as efficiently as possible? Not all commands work in all modes. Be careful. If you type in a command that you know is correct—show run, for example—and you get an error, make sure that you are in the correct mode.

This Router config prompt indicates that you can start making changes Configuring a Router Name This command works on both routers and switches. For this reason, recommended practice is that you never use the enable password. Use only the enable secret password in a router configuration. Doing so defeats the use of encryption. Password Encryption service password- Router config s Applies a weak encryption to encryption passwords enable password cisco Router config e Sets enable password to cisco line con 0 Router config l … password Cisco Router config-line p Continue setting passwords as above … no service password- Router config n Turns off password encryption encryption CAUTION: If you have turned on service password encryption, used it, and then turned it off, any passwords that you have encrypted will stay encrypted.


New passwords will remain unencrypted. With all of the different Cisco devices that are in production networks today, some administrators are becoming confused on the names of their interfaces. The following chart is a sample of some of the different interface names for various routers. This is by no means a complete list. There must be a clock rate set on every serial link between routers.

It does not matter which router has the DCE cable plugged into it, or which interface the cable is plugged into. Serial 0 on one router can be plugged into Serial 1 on another router. Authorized Personnel Only! The delimiting Router config character must surround the banner message and can be any character so long as it is not a character used within the body of the message Setting the Clock Time Zone clock timezone EST —5 Router config c Sets the time zone for display purposes. The router is set by default to try to resolve any word that is not a command to a DNS server at address If you are not going to set up DNS, turn this feature off to save you time as you type, especially if you are a poor typist.

Information items sent to console will not interrupt the command you are typing. The command will be moved to a new line TIP: Ever try to type in a command and an informational line appears in the middle of what you were typing? Lose your place?


The logging synchronous command will tell the router that if any informational items get displayed on the screen, your prompt and command line should be moved to a new line, so as not to confuse you. The informational line does not get inserted into the middle of the command you are trying to type.

If you were to continue typing, the command would execute properly, even though it looks wrong on the screen. Set to 0 0 minutes seconds means console never logs off Router config-line TIP: exec-timeout 0 0 is great for a lab because the console never logs out.

This bad security is very dangerous in the real world. Reload the router to clear the running-config. But plugging the cable back in does not add that static route back into the routing table.

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The only way to get that route back into the table is to reload the router or use the permanent keyword in your ip route command. This option is especially useful when the night janitor knocks a cable loose and replaces it, hoping no one will notice Can your network afford to lose a route for a few hours until the next morning when you or your IT staff comes in to work?

However, you must be careful when using this optional keyword. You might want that route to be removed from the routing table. Static Routes and Administrative Distance Optional ip route AD is a number from , where 0 is absolutely trusted, and cannot be trusted at all.

There- fore, an AD of 1 is an extremely reliable rating, with only an AD of 0 being better. An AD of 0 is assigned to a directly connected route.

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  • The following table lists the administrative distance for each type of route. By adding an AD number to your ip route statement, however, you can effectively create a backup route to your routing protocol. This is known as a floating static route. Default Routing ip route 0. A static route is described by the letter S. Commands are listed here for reference only.

    Version 1 is default network w. The autonomous system number AS-number used in the IGRP routing process must match all other routers that are going to share routing updates in order for communication to take place Router config-router network w. It does not change interface performance.

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    If you are using Cisco IOS A poorly designed network with discontiguous subnets could have problems with connectivity if the summarization feature is left on. You could have two rout- ers advertise the same network— Recommended practice is that you turn off automatic summarization, use the ip summary-address command, and summarize manually what you need to.

    The process ID is any value between 1— Uses the wildcard mask to determine which interfaces to advertise. Read this line to say: Any interface with an address of Example 1: An octet of all ones means that the address can be ignored. Example 2: A priority of 0 guarantees that the router never wins a designated router DR election, and guarantees a tie in the election tie broken by highest router ID. If all routers have the same priority, regardless of the number, they tie. Ties are broken by the highest router ID.

    Since is the highest possible priority, a router with a priority of is merely guaranteed to be part of a tie-breaker, and will not lose due to higher priority. The default reference bandwidth is Bandwidth is a number between 1—10,, and is measured in kilobits. Cost is a number between 1—65, Cost has no unit of measurement—it is just a number.

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    Therefore, if you change the reference bandwidth on one router, you must change it to match on all routers in that area. This md5 fred value must be the same as that of the neighboring router md5 indicates that the MD5 hash algorithm will be used fred is the key password and must be the same as that of the neighboring router OSPF Timers ip ospf hello-interval timer Router config-if i Changes Hello Interval 20 timer to 20 seconds ip ospf dead-interval 80 Router config-if i Changes Dead Interval timer to 80 seconds NOTE: The Hello and Dead Interval timers must match for routers to become neighbors.

    Propagating a Default Route ip route 0.


    Selecting different letters from the menu will take you to different places in the operating system. Help Commands? The enable mode password is what you use to move from user mode to privileged mode.